Short instrument name used for first system if title frame present

• Jun 7, 2016 - 19:19
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S5 - Suggestion

when I open a 2.0.3 file using one of the nightly builds for 3.0 the long instrument name is missing and all pages show the short name. I have opened numerous existing files to see if it was a problem with just one but it does it with all of the 2.0.3 files I have created.


Hmm, it *does* work for me, so maybe it is something specific about the template you used to create your scores or something else that is the same for all of your scores but not for others. Anyhow, please attach a score with a problem so we can investigate.

Title long instrument name missing in first system Short instrument name used for first system if title frame present

The problem is apparently the title frame - if I delete it, all is well. I guess it is being misinterpreted as the first system.

I tried deleting the title frame and it showed the long instrument names. Then I saved it using 3.0 and when I added a title frame using the 3.0 version it changed them to short names. Does this mean that you can't have a title frame if you use 3.0 as it stands now?

Well you can have one but it messes up the instrument names. Please realize, 3.0 is nowhere near ready for release and should not be relied upon for any real work. The builds are provided for testing purposes only.

I understand that it is just a work in progress. I thought that's why you wanted people who use the program often to report problems as the process continues. Not a complaint of the program as a whole, just pointing out an issue. Sorry if I put it the wrong way.

a faithful user....

just downloaded the most recent nightly (MuseScoreNightly-2016-09-08-1208-master-82a79cb.7z) and it is still doing the same thing. Has not been fixed as stated in 5c9d1b638b stated above.