Playback issues with repeats (again)

• Jul 6, 2011 - 15:11
S4 - Minor

The original bug report ( for this playback issue has been closed for some time, but I ran into it again, this time on 1.1 r4484, Win7. I was working on a version of "The Holy City" last night and ran into this issue again. It is much harder to reproduce, but I can always make it happen when the score is opened the first time.

Open the attached score, select the last eighth note in bar 29 and try to play from there. For me, the score invariably jumps to the last page (somewhere) and starts to play. Select the same note again and it works. It was doing this to me many times over the last day. Turn off repeats and it works OK.

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Addendum: It only seems to happen when playing after the first ending (after bar 28). If I make a change (add a slur, change a note) and try to play from bar 29 forward, it doesn't work and starts playing somewhere on the last page.

YES. This has happened several times with me as well. Haven't figured out exactly why or when, but when I work with a score, it often starts to happen at some point. And when it has started to act like that, it doesn't help to reload the score or anything. That score seems to act like that forever.

I click on a note, hit spacebar and it starts to play somewhere completely different. I stop playback, click the note again, hit spacebar and then it starts to play the correct place. Seriously annoying, haha.

I'm on MuseScore 1.1 r4611

In my example above, when I open the supplied score and play fromany note in bar 29, it will jump exactly 23 bars forward and start playing from the same note position in bar 52 (29+23=52). This is also the same number of bars between the repeats, not including the first ending (bars 5-27). It will only happen the first time you play.

I hope this bug can be squished before 1.2 is released as its been around for a few years now.

I can confirm this issue in musescore 1.2 rev 5470. When I enabled the repeat opton in the playback toolbar, playback doesn't start from the clicked note. I have to stop playback, then click again on the note and this time it works.