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• Jun 4, 2016 - 19:59

I created an album from a dozen or so scores all having 10mm left and right margins, without joining the scores. When I print the album, either directly or in PDFCreator, the left margin is at least 15mm and the right margin so small that the right side of each page is cut off. I don't think I missed any setting I was supposed to make. Help!


Really, really hard to figure this out without the basics: at minimum, a couple of the scores that come out wrong through the Album Manager, your operating system, and what size paper you're trying to print on.

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Sorry! I hoped I had made a silly mistake. (Maybe I did.) Windows XP, paper 8.5x11 in. 4 files attached. The problem was the same in all scores. It seems I can't attach the album list (wrong extension) or pdf (too large). I may have edited text spacing in the first file somewhat, but I don't see how that could affect the problem. The first score may have been in MuseScore 1.3 originally. Thanks for any help!

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Okay, thanks. The first thing I have to point out is that it's not true that all the scores have 10mm left and right margins. The very first has odd page left and right margins of 13 and 10mm, and even page left and right are 10 and 13; the third has left and right margins of 10.41mm. So it's very possible that if you set all of them to the same page margins (top and bottom too to be on the safe side), they'd print just like you want them to.

That said, on my own OS X El Capitan system, they do at least print centered on the page even like this. It may be something about your printer setup, or just the way Windows XP handles printing, that tries to scale and position the pages differently when the margins don't match.

Attached is what I get from the Album Manager with no changes to the scores' margins.

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Lehrer 5 The_Wild_West_melody r.mscz Lehrer album test.pdf Lehrer The_Wild_West_Is_Where_I_Want_To_Be melody r.mscz.pdf

I haven't been able to unzip your test album yet, but I made one with a single score with 10mm side margins and exactly the same thing happened when I used PDFCreator to make a pdf. The pdf I got from file/export is fine. What software is involved in what operations I don't know, but I wouldn't think the printer would be involved in any of this. By the way, the fermata in the first line was cropped above in the album pdf but not the direct pdf. Any further thoughts would be much appreciated.

When I'm using "print to pdf" (Linux), I've in the printer dialog under "properties" settings for page margins too. Check if they are all set to 0.0.

Which application do you use for viewing and printing PDFs? Also the name of the printer could be helpful.

With Opensuse it works as expected.

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Thanks. I am using PDFCreator to make the pdf after clicking Print Album. I can't find any additional page margins there, and nothing like it has happened before although I have used PDFCreator to make pdf's of many kinds.
I use Adobe Reader to view. I print from there on a Brother HL-2280DW. I think what's printed is identical to what I view, which is already wrong.
I use OpenOffice, if that is relevant.
I am having even more problems making a joined score, even when I make all page margins, staff space sizes, measure spacing, etc. the same, which I would have hoped not to have to do, especially since I need them to be different sometimes.
Perhaps I could use PDFCreator to combine pdf's of each piece, but that would lose the benefit of the album list. I haven't tried that yet.

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Just curious: Is there a difference in the result, when you're using PDFCreator in the file-print... dialogue (using one of the scores without using the album manager) and when you're using PDFCreator with the print-dialogue in the album manager?

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Why are you using PDFCreator at all, instead of exporting the PDF directly from MuseScore? the latter should always produced better results - third party PDF tools won't have access to all the same information that MuseScore has. Normally this shows up as font issues, but maybe this is another aspect.

I did some more experiments with Album, export, and PDFCreator.
With a single score (Lehrer 1, attached), export and and print PDFC appear the same on the screen and the latter is the same when printed (with my Brother printer). The print button and print menu produce the same print-out. All are correct.
When I make the same score into an Album and print it from the Album Manager, the left margin is too large and the right runs to the edge of the page on the screen, beyond the printing area. Print PDFC looks the same, i.e., equally wrong, on the screen. (pdf file is too big to attach.) So the problem seems to be in the Album Manager, not in my other software or the way I am using it.
When I joined this score with another (Lehrer 5), new problems appeared (see Lehrer 1 & 5). Apparently the staff spacing and measure number size and I dare say much else from the first score are applied to all subsequent scores. Having the same instrumentation is by no means enough. In my case, the second score had slightly smaller sp than the first (1.69mm vs 1.764). As it happened, the music still fit and looked the same except in the first line, where I had minimized the width of most of the bars but what was left over for the others was much reduced by the change to the larger sp. The words, however, went off the page. The measure numbers in the second score were reduced in size (they happen to have been larger), so they were taking up less space if anything.
While there may be times when you want all settings the same throughout an album, there are certainly others where you don't. Also, if you experiment with measure spacing, as I often do, you would need to insert breaks at the end of every system and then set the measure spacing to 1.000. I would have hoped that one option, at least, would work the way creating a combined document with PDFC works.

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