play sequencing notes of differents staffs

• Jul 5, 2011 - 22:06
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title : play sequencing notes of differents staffs

context : windows XP SP3 + MuseScore 1.0 + mscz file

summary : playing use notes from differents staffs during partition handling

description : while playing the joined file (quite handy for me to edit) after the first partition played, during the second time first part being played, the notes of next staff are used
(Ecce quam sit... tua - Ec Vox ce ...)

workaround : none

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As Lasconic said, the repeats are strange (wrong), but they are also unmatched.

1.The repeat for the first ending should be in bar 8, not 9, same for most of the others.
2. Where is the start repeat for the repeat in the 3'rd system (bar 14)?
3. Same for 4'th system, bar 23...
4. Same for 5'th system, bar 28...

The scheme is A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 B1 B2 D1 D2 E, so I tried ||: A1/2 :||: B1/2 :||: C1/2 :||: D1/2 :|| E ; A for measures 1-8/9, B for 10-14/15, C for 16-23/24, D for 25-28/29 and E for 30-32. Ok I understand your notices, the repetition bar as to be only at the end of first variation, like ||: A(1):|| (2) ||: B(1):|| (2) ||: C(1):|| (2) ||: D(1):|| (2) :|| E
Yes I have poor solfège knowledge. So I've done it another way, and yes, it works. btw, before the second part (B) as to be played twice again with variation after the third (C), I wrote this second part developped. It works well. ||: A(1):|| (2) | B1 B2 ||: C(1):|| (2) ||: D(1):|| (2) :|| E (at start I tried to make the second part played four times, one with variation 1 and one with variation 2 after first part, then one with variation 1 and one with variation 2 after the third part... and I didn't knew if it made 2 times or 4 for the variations counter, and recently I discovered that when using to segno al coda, the possibly included reptitions hasn't by convention to be played) Thanks for all,

Though 1) conirmation : did you have the weird playing too, or is it due to my installation or configuration ?
2) classification : do you think this problem has to be treated or not ?

1. Yes, it played weird. The blue play cursor would jump from one line back to another, etc. I'm surprised it played as well as it did.
2. No, this problem is not a bug, but incorrect placement of musical objects.

Question: You can have a repeat without ending1/ending2 but can you have ending1/ending2 without a repeat? No, I doubt it, but MS will not drop a repeat there because it really doesn't know what you want to do.

Status (old) active won't fix

thanks for your answer.
I'm nor a "real" music reader, neither a music writer ;) I just begin few days ago (btw I make a real commercial for that software being known by chorist leaders and "real" music players ;) with a great success for now).

Thus I don't know the answer to your question, but it seems possible to me to have different variations to a part of score being played more than once, like the one between a return to segno and the jump to coda, and this part can be wihtout repeating signe. For example, in a A B1 C B2 D scheme, with many measures being the same between B1 and B2, I think I could write it with a common part and 2 diffferent endings... this is perhaps a wrong or unauthorised way of doing it !? Someone else will tell us ;)

And I changed state to "won't fix", this isn't a bug
(I tried to change the category of this issue to "none" but without success, one must be chosen)