Kerning and Letter Spacing

• Jun 3, 2016 - 01:37

I will admit, this is going to be a rather bit outlandish of a complaint/feature request, but here it is because I keep noticing it:

As of now, Musescore applies no kerning to its letters. Kerning is the overlap of the bounding box of letters in a font so that the spacing is better. A good example of letters that would be kerned are "AVA". Right now, Musescore does no kerning whatsoever. This has immediate consequences due to the frequent use of italics in sheet music. When the spacing between letters when one switches from standard typography to italics does not change, you end up with some absolutely horrible letter spacing. For example:


I've circled the areas with too much spacing in red. The rest of the letters are too close together; when viewed zoomed out, they practically overlap. By comparison, here is the same line from the original score:


See the nice, clear spacing between the letters? This is even more evident with the letters "sa". In italics, there is no gap between them on any reasonable zoom level. Another example is "it" as in "rit."; the "i" and "t" as in the earlier example are way too close together when italicized; when in the normal font, they "i" and "r" actually do outright touch even at the closest zoom level.

As I already mentioned at the start, this is probably an unreasonable expectation. It would just be rather nice, is all.


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