Custom Key signatures bug

• May 27, 2016 - 22:25

A custom key signature created via Master palette doesn't work well. They are applied "on line" but not "in key":


It's not a bug; you need to define how the key signature should look for each clef individually, since MsueScore cannot know which staff lines you wish to use. Eventually there should be a way to define this, but for now, custom key signatures are clef-specific.

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BTW, the staff lines are not those that should be keyed, but notes. Equivalently, G-major doesn't show A# in the bass clef, doesn't it?

If the pitches are defined, than this would be the way to make it work.
Maybe you should keep the ability to change it in this way (example of raga keys of enharmonic pitches in different octaves), but keying must always be of the pitches, across all registers. Therefore the name - key.

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