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• May 27, 2016 - 17:54

I read this topics before:
- (outdated for ms 1)
- (didn't understand a word / i'm not going to spend 1000 hours to try something so complicated and probably without success. and by the way it is indeed a workaround)
- (current frame guide)
but none of them answered my question clearly. I'm beggining to think that there's no way to add "free" positioned text-box in musescore, or sub-frames into other ones.
I want to add in same/new page the verses of a song. but vertical frames with text cannot be resized horizontally. horizontal frames have odd behavior on the last measure, and cannot contain text.

the only workaround I came up with is to append "text" to some notes and drag into position... needless to say: horrible thing to do. plus, the mobile app, when asked to "automatically adjust" the mesure to fit the screen, goes crazy.

se attached musescore file for my workaround Leonard Cohen - Halleluja.mscz
if someone know a viable way to do the same with a neat procedure, hopefully with text boxes, help will be really appreciated (you can freely edit/re-post my file and answer here your procedure)

english grammar/vocabulary corrections are appreciated too


Potresti spostarti sul forum italiano, forse potremmo capirci meglio ;-)
You may move on the Italian forum, perhaps we could understand each other better

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I'm not sure what you mean by "free" text. Text has to appear *somewhere*, and MuseScore needs *some* way of knowing *where* exactly you want it and how you want that position to be affected by future changes to the formatting of the score.

Anyhow, multi-column text is indeed possible by using frames within frames as described in the second link you posted. I get the sense it might not have been written by a native English speaker,so maybe that is why you are having trouble understanding it, but the steps are basically right. Is there a particular step in those instructions you had trouble with?

To summarize the procedure, what you want is to create a vertical frame for the text as a whole, and then a horizontal frame *within* that vertical frame for each additional column of text. The procedure is actually quite simple:

1) first create the vertical frame (add / frames/ append vertical frame)
2) at this point, feel free to add the first column of text (right click the frame, add / text)
3) next insert a horizontal frame for the second colum (right click the frame, add / insert horizontal frame)
3) resize the horizontal frame to be the width you want (drag the handle to the left)
4) position the horizontal frame within the vertical frame (drag the frame to the right)
5) add your text for the second column (right click the horizontal frame, add / text)

This takes only seconds, not hours. Not sure what makes you say text can't be added to horiztnal frames; it definitely can. Also not sure what you mean about odd behavior of horizontal frames on the last measure.

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