Updating Percussion Selection

• Jun 24, 2011 - 20:05
S5 - Suggestion

I think the selection for the percussion is really lacking for the kind of music today. I think there should be more drums available, and they also should be updated to fit the standard. placement (there are a few that are for sure correct though, like the bass drum and snare). I know, you can change these, but there's no easy way to do it, to get the MIDI sounds correct at all.

Here's some things that I would love to see happen/added.
Toms labeled by high, mid, low, high-mid, low-mid, floor, etc.
Crash 2
Ride 2
The Chinese cymbal.
Less ride bells? o.o (takes up too much space imo)
The congas on their own staff instead of the group one.
Electric bass/snare and on their own line (eg, the Electric bass being on the space below the normal bass position [low E on the TC])

Sorry if this is a little bit pushy, but I think the percussion is seriously neglected at the moment, and a lot of drums/cymbals are really important, but left out.