When to report trunk issues

• Jun 23, 2011 - 15:33

I've asked this question before but I don't think I got an answer. With the major code revamp going on (almost done?) in the trunk I am refraining from posting trunk issues. I think it would be appropriate for the trunk developer(s) to weigh in on whether it is worth it to continue to post trunk bugs or wait until the dust settles (a few weeks?) and we get an official OK to start posting issues again.

At least the trunk (R4416 today) now compiles cleanly again, with all features enabled! (And thanks for Lasconic for updating both the Windows compile page and updating the makefiles with the newer Qt and MinGW paths for Qt 4.7.3.)


Yes indeed
I experimented quite a lot of inconvenients handling texts with ubuntu nighly 4384. I had ton modify the mscx by texte editor to recover the score under 4333

Since it works whith 4333, I induced it is not worth to investigate 4384 inconveniences.....

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if you're agreeing with my post or not. I've noticed over the past few weeks, while the code re-org has been going on, that the trunk has been unusually unstable or just plain broken. I just want a yea/nay that the code re-org has settled and we are once again safe to do some serious experimentation.

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