Offset Tremolo is not saved correctly.

• May 23, 2016 - 05:38
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Insert the tremolo in the second Voice;
Adjust the position in order not overlap the dot;
Save, reopen.


The vertical offset is not being recorded correctly.
Reported in this post:


Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active

I can here with ededef8
Eg with this file (attached in a previous comment): 01 trem.mscz , the vertical offset continue to increase to each new save.

Well, the initial report talks about enter tremolo, change its offset, save file, reopen file, and that does work, it does keep the offset. There was no mention of a repeated save/reopen...

Whatever: I still can't reproduce it with a score created from scratch

Edit: not with half notes in a 4/4 score, but indeed with dotted 8th notes in a 3/8 score, And only if a horizontal offset is given (which is kept intact)

"And only if a horizontal offset is given (which is kept intact)"

No necessarly here:
Load this file: Trem stem up.mscz
Increase the vertical offset (and only it) to 1,00.
Result, after save/reload: vertical offset to 1,50, then 2.00 after other save: Trem stem up 1,00.mscz

It's worse if the stems are opposite (and probably also, I think having seen this, by flipping the beams before applying the tremolo)
But when the stems are opposite it's really obvious.

Test file with this case (opposite stems): Trem stem up and dow.mscz
With always the same offset (1,00), you get after the first reload, 1,50 when the stems are in the same direction, and 2.12, when are opposite: Trem stem up and down 1,00.mscz