Vertical position of chord symbols

• May 22, 2016 - 19:17

Apparently there are two ways to adjust the vertical positioning of chord symbols:

1) Style->Text->Chord Symbol->Offset->Vertical
2) Style->General->Chord symbols, Fretboard Diagrams->Positioning->Default vertical position

Which way is preferable to use? (For a style template) Is there any difference in the usage?

The handbook does not give much of a hint:

It says that the text style is honored normally, but from what I can see, the actual vertical position is the sum of the two parameters above.


There is not really any special reason to prefer one over the other. The Text setting is kind of a holdver from MuseScore 1.X, before we had settings in the General diallog as well. The latter setting was add to make it easier to position chord symbols relative to fretboard diagrams I think. You are correct that the two offsets are added together to give the final position (relative to the top staff line).

One thing that might help you decide: consider the possibility of having multiple chord symbol text styles, to have an alternate row of chord symbols above the main ones. That would mean having the second text style have a different vertical offset. But even so, it should work equally well to have them be, say, 0sp and -5sp with a General setting of -2sp as to have them be -2sp and -7sp with a General setting of 0sp.

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