notes sounding that aren't on the score

• May 20, 2016 - 13:48

Every so often I have a problem of a note playing (one of the instruments in an orchestra score) that isn't there on the page. Usually it's played for two or three beats. The current issue is an English horn, which should be silent in a particular measure, playing a rather loud A for the last two beats of a 4/4 measure.

In all cases, the note HAD been there in the past, but I deleted or changed it. (In the English horn case, it had been an eighth or sixteenth note, but now is sounding as a half note through the end of the measure.)

There may be one solution: delete the measure for all the instruments, along with the preceding measure, and then re-enter everything using keyboard entry. That worked for me once, but so far it hasn't on this measure.

I'm probably overlooking something simple, but if anyone's had a similar problem I'd surely like to hear from you.

Kent Smith


Attach the score would help. Try this:
Select a note, click, All Similar Elements;
Open the Inspector -> Velocity type -> User ->Reset Value

Are they in a range that appears easily on the score? You may have accidently placed a note(s) if you use the mouse for note entry or even trying to get around and they may not be apparent.

One way to check would be to go to a note previous and move to the unwanted note position using arrow keys.

Is there a multimeasure trill (not a trill line) on the English horn part directly prior to this problem? I've suffered this same problem, and changing them to trill lines solved it.

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