Pedal not working over repeats

• Jun 17, 2011 - 14:54

When dragging the pedal line past a repeat, it does not continually "hold the pedal" down, only the amount of bars I have dragged it past. Am I doing something wrong?


Well, if I drag the pedal until (or past) a repeat line, it will only send pedal information for as many bars as it is signalled to do. So if assigned to 5 bars (one past the repeat) it will only send to 5 bars, not 9 (as it should be with the repeat). It can be "solved" by dragging the pin to x bars (x being the amount before the repeat) after the repeat. I'm sorry if I'm a bit unclear.

Assuming this issue is for ver 1.0, it has something in common with this other issue .

Perhaps it is a wild shot but both, during playback, show sync problems across repeats between the stream of notes and the stream of note properties.


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The original description is not clear. I attached a score with a possible interpretation of the description.

Expected behavior: The pedal marking should only affect the notes it is attached to.

Actual behavior: The pedal marking seems to affect the first notes (bars 1-2) when MuseScore plays the repeat--even though there is not a pedal marking under the first two notes.

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I guess if I saw that, I could guess at what was meant: on the first time through the repeat, I would release the pedal right at the repeat, but on the second time through, I'd carry it through and release where actually indicated. But this is a strange thing to write and I definitely wouldn't expect MuseScore to necessarily get this "right".