sound fonts

• May 16, 2016 - 18:13

hello - I acquired a violin sound font as discussed weeks ago - what is the procedure to get it onto Muse ? that is - I'm stuck looking at it on desktop ( the WAV ) and having trouble actually attaching it to the score - and will it make ALL the violins notes better in the score ? - they sound a little flat ...


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ok - I'll try it - I first downloaded the 3 things mentioned the WAV violin b6L - polyphone and fluid mono (amongst a list of 5) seekin deeper- the first link (fluidr3 mono) gives another page - 2 arrows - clicking it downloads the vioin sf2 font? ....finished downloading - now opening it gives a massive striped yellow and white page - is that getting anywhere ? hundreds of inst. - violin is on that list - B D F G# - is that it ?..... just new at searching for this stuff - sry
the fluid R3 MONO GM2 is up - now what ? drag the WAV on to it somehow ?

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