ignore dynamics during playback

• May 15, 2016 - 18:31
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S5 - Suggestion

Ignoring all dynamics during playback can be useful for play-along practice.


If possible also allow ignoring them on export.
Perhaps with a toolbar button; a bit like how you can currently toggle repeats?

Agreed. I use 'hidden' dynamics (made invisible in the score) frequently to control playback balance on the MuseScore server, but would not want them to appear in the printed score. If I need to export the score to XML to send it to a collaborator, however, those dynamics show up again. For some reason XML export ignores 'invisible' instructions.

It would be nice if there were an easier way to deal with this than creating a copy of the score under the new name and then deleting all dynamic marks.

Oh.. I meant nothing along those lines. Simply requesting that if it can be toggled on/off for playback, that the settings should be respected during audio export.

What you've just added in your comment is requesting the invisible property to carry in to other formats better, but that might just as well depend on what those formats support.

I'm not sure if there is room for a toolbar button to ignore all dynamics (just think what would happen if we also added a button to ignore tempo changes, ornaments, articulations, etc). However, there really ought to be way to ignore individual dynamics from the Inspector, ideally via a "Play" checkbox similar to the one for notes and ornaments. If such a feature gets enabled then it would be easy to disable playback for all dynamics by right-clicking on one and choosing the "select all similar elements" option.

I have found that if you create a copy score you do not need to remove the dynamics in the copy. Just right click on one dynamic in the new copy score, 'select', 'all similar elements' and in the inspector change the velocity to 90. This changes all the dynamics to the same level so play back is at one level but the dynamics are still visible. I use this all the time for creating videos of the score for training purposes. (Mayo Male Voice Choir)