Wrong instrument name (part name) on MuseScore.com

• May 12, 2016 - 22:15
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

MuseScore allows a staff written for one instrument to use the sound of a different instrument, but it is the instrument sound that is reported next to the "part name" heading on MuseScore.com rather than the staff's instrument name.

See this post for an explanation of why this is important.

For example, both of these files have the instrument set to "Bass" within MuseScore's "Stave Properties" and "Edit -> Instruments" dialogs, but in one case the default sound has been overriden in the Mixer:

  • File 1 - Staff instrument: Bass, Sound: Ahh Choir (default), "Part name" label on MuseScore.com: Voice
  • File 2 - Staff instrument: Bass, Sound: Trombone (overriden), "Part name" label on MuseScore.com: Trombone

I think most people would agree that the trombone sounds much better than the choral ahh, but that the part should be labelled as "Voice" (or ideally as "Vocal (Bass)") in both cases. "Vocal (Bass)" is ideal because that would allow singers to search by voice type when looking for music on MuseScore.com.