[UX] When note in chord is deleted, automatically select other note in chord

• Jun 12, 2011 - 21:41
S4 - Minor

If you try to delete chords with DEL key ("note entry mode" and "normal mode") you cannot use the left and right arrow keys afterwards. You either have to reclick a note (normal mode) or exit "note entry mode" + reenter with N.

Here is a longer description:

Chord with at least two notes in one staff.
One note to the left, one note to the right.
Not in note entry mode. "Focus" on chord.
→ it is possible to move with left an right arrow keys.
Delete one note within the chord with Del key.
→ not possible to move left and right with arrow keys (select of notes lost), you have to select a note once again to be able to move left and right.

Solution (in my opinion): Delete whole chord with DEL-Key or move Focus to a different note within the cord.

Note entry mode:
Chord with at least two notes
chord is hilighted (in Focus).
press DEL key.
One note of the chord is deleted.
Arrow left/right do not work anymore.

The same happens for me, if you try to delete a rest with DEL in entry mode.

I use Ubuntu with musescore 1.0.


Title [UX] When note in chord is deleted, select automatically other note in chord [UX] When note in chord is deleted, automatically select other note in chord

The note deletion routine already does that: after deleting a note from a chord, another note - specifically the lowest note - should be automatically selected.

But later in the process all the selection is cleared, unless the user is in Note Entry mode. I don't know what was the intention of this block of code, but removing it solves the bug and (as far as I can tell) there is no negative side-effect.

Submitted pull-request with the fix.