The most stable/controlled version of MuseScore

• May 10, 2016 - 15:03

Hello everyone.
Which platform of MuseScore is the most robust and stable?
Linux, OS X, Windows?

I have Linux Debian and OS X Yosemite. I could install Windows.
I am just curious.


This question is likely to fire a holy war on Operating Systems ;-)

MuseScore works on them all and none of them is instable. MuseScore on Windows is in use by some 80% of the users, on Linux by a rather small group, Mac in between, so it is best tested on Windows

My sense is, there is no difference worth taking into consideration in stablility between platforms. There are a small handful of Windows-specific bugs, a small handful of Mac-specific bugs, and a small handful of Linux-specific bugs. And most are pretty inconsequential - some small UI glitch that doesn't really affect workflow significantly.

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