instrumentation for "Trompa en Mib"

• May 9, 2016 - 18:46

Hi guys

Relatively new to MuseScore and these forums so apologies beforehand if this has been asked and/or resovled previously.

I am busy with Mozart's concerto for 2 Pianos which calls for a pair of instruments as noted in the subject. checking online i am of the understanding that it is for an Alto Horn in E flat. am I correct and which instrument would i choose in the Mixer for their channels as the Soundfonts i currently have do not specify for an Alto Horn in E flat.
English, French and F horns are there though. which would provide the best substitute?
Listening to the playback it sounds a bit "off" from what im used to hearing.
any response to this regard would be highly appreciated!


Welcome, Shaun! MuseScore actually defines that instrument out-of-the-box—when choosing instruments for a new score, start typing "Alto Horn" in the filter and you'll see it there. It uses the French Horn sound by default.

Mozart didn't use Alto horns!

The original scoring is for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 horns in E flat and strings

An early version of the score can be found here.....,_K.365/316a_…

Remember that in Mozart's day horns were natural horns - they hadn't even invented pushing the fist in the horn to get notes outside the harmonic series.

Horn players used a series of crooks so they could play in the correct key - if the composer needed notes outside the harmonic series of the key he was writing in he had to specify a second set of horn(s) in the key which would produce those notes.

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