Export Score As A Video File - MP4, WAV (etc)

• May 9, 2016 - 08:53

I recently installed a old copy of Sibelius and saw many feature that are not present in MuseScore. One feature however caught my attention - Export Your Score As A Video File. I would love to have this feature in MuseScore.


Exporting the audio to .wav is already available.

But you'll be happy to know that creating a videoscore is a concept that is currently being considered for musescore.com (a post-to-youtube option)

[EDIT] and I've just gathered that if you have a pro account on musescore.com you can now use this feature. Note it is still experimental, but it should work. See this example of the result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl3o8u5OLhU

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Many things have changed in the past three years since this thread was started. If you're having trouble with something on musescore.com today, best to start a new thread and describe exactly what you tried and what went wrong - but you need to do it over there on musescore.com, in the Improving Musescore.com group.

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The example looks great! One thing I did notice though was the advert for the MuseScore apps at the end of the video. If this is to be a Pro feature then I don't think it is appropriate to have anything more than "Made with MuseScore" and the MuseScore.org URL in the way of branding. That's just my opinion though.

Is there a possibility to do this within the software? I think it would be cool to add 60fps option and 1080p but I understand if it would be bad for the servers. If it was possible to directly export from the Musescore application that would be amazing

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Oh I didnt notice lol, it must be the compression
Idk but turning off the paper background would be nice as well

I usually do some editing to put the music onto a background so I need to export to youtube(unlisted), then download it to my computer to edit it. The compression and the paper background makes it look not as great

Heres an example of it exported from musescore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXBMJ0NOQ7

and another software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l4Bk7cj7tQ&t=61s

The quality looks a lot better on the other software's one because there's a direct video exporter in the software

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Actually I use after effects for it xD
First I download my video from youtube (I set it as private)
then I import it into after effects
I Invert colors, make it greyscale, and play with the brightness and contrast
I use "screen" blend mode and and put an image underneath

Its probably achievable in blender but its easier to use AE cause its simple

Hi: I'm new here and I would like to learn how to export my music sheets from MuseScore3 to VideoPad and I can't seem to figure it out. Please help. Thanks in advance.

I used this feature to create an MP4 from my score. After some processing time, I got a link in my email to download the video.

Unfortunately, the instrument names don't show up! Is there some setting I need to use?

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MuseScore has no feature to export video, so I assume you are referring to the service provided over on the score-sharing website musescore.com. For questions about the services they offer, best to ask over there on their site.

But I don’t think they provide any controls over the appearance of the videos they produce. For that, better to just use a screen recording tool to record MuseScore’s playback directly.

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Exactly - as I said, the video export not a feature of MuseScore but rather a service provided by the folks over on the score-sharing website musescore.com. So you'd have over there to that site if you have questions about the services they offer.

Meanwhile, as I said, I am pretty sure the answer will be, they don't provide control over the appearance of the video export they create. So the method I described above is generally better when you want control over the results.

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