Help making a xml file?

• May 8, 2016 - 22:26

Hey guys, first I should probably say that I am completely blind when it comes to reading sheet music. I been researching and trying to find ways to convert a pdf file into a usable xml format that I can then convert to a midi in order to play it in synthesia. However, after a long and fruitless adventure, I decided to ask for help. I did try to mess around with MuseScore to see if I can do it on my own but I don't understand how sheet music works, let alone the program itself. If anyone can be kind enough to possibly convert this pdf for me, I would be forever grateful. I really want to learn it and synthesia is my go-to with my lack of ability to read music. Thanks for reading, and thanks even more if you decide to help out!

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Yea sorry about this being in the wrong forum. Kind of mad at myself for it. As for your suggestion, I tried that before coming here and it didn't work. I think it's because these are merely images of the sheet music in a pdf format, found out after looking into it a bit more. Honestly, I've given up on learning it awhile back. Spent too much time on a losing battle. I've only myself to blame for not being able to understand sheet music and the software. Although it was a bit late, thanks for at least trying to help!

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