Instrument text prevents changing instrument name in staff properties

• May 8, 2016 - 04:45

I have discovered another anomoly associated with Instrument Text. I know there was a thread about the various bugs in this feature a while ago in which I participated, and I even re-wrote the page in the handbook on that subject, but I can't find the other thread for some reason.

Program/OS Version: MuseScore v.2.0.1 / Win7

Problem: When an instrument-change text is anchored to a staff, changes made in Staff Properties to the instrument name do not take effect.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a score with several staves and enter a few notes in each.
Anchor an Instrument text to the first note in the first measure of one of those staves.
Right click on that text and select Change instrument.
Change the instrument for that staff to a new one, click OK and exit the dialogue.
Right click on that staff and select Staff Properties.
Manually change the text of the long and short instrument names in the dialogue box.
Click Apply and OK.

Expected result: Instrument names on the score change to match the new text entered in the staff properties dialogue.
Actual result: No change.

Now delete the instrument text from that staff.
As soon as you do that, the changes you made in the staff properties dialogue will appear on the score.

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