Cymbal Choking

• May 6, 2016 - 06:12

There should be an option to choke cymbals so that they don't sustain during playback. Many times in drum set music, or with crash cymbals in concert or marching band, the cymbal is choked, so that it doesn't sustain. In playback mode, there is currently no way to stop the cymbal from ringing. A cymbal crash notated as a 64th note sounds the same as a cymbal crash notated as a whole note. The cymbal should ring for the duration of the note specified. If the cymbal crash is written as an eighth note, then the cymbal should ring for that exact time, and no more.


I've been thinking this too.

It might be a little difficult to implement, though, what with MIDI and all(?)‮‮‮

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It can be done in MIDI - that's what the Note Off message is for.

The problem is that the SF2 soundfont format doesn't allow this behaviour.

SFZ does, but unfortunately Zerberus doesn't recognise the required opcode.

So - don't hold your breath :)

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