Operations applied to wrong score?

• May 4, 2016 - 17:17

I had a couple of files open and I noticed that some regular edit operations weren't working. For example, I'd select a note and try to delete it, but it stubbornly stayed in place. I thought maybe a restart would fix it, so I saved the file, but upon closing MuseScore, it prompted me to save changes in a different, seemingly unmodified file I had open. I switched to that file and noticed a few notes were indeed deleted, and the score became marked modified when I switched to it. I undid those changes and closed that file, but then when I tried operating on the original file, MuseScore crashed.


What version of MuseScore? I could imagine this happening in 2.0.3 if you used the Pianoroll editor at some point on one score then switched scores in some prticular way, since there is a known bug where that window steals keystrokes. I don't suppose you can come up steps to reproduce this?

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Sorry, forgot to mention this was in 2.0.3 (Windows 10). And indeed, I was using the pianoroll editor. It feels buggier than 2.0.2, as I need to press enter on each OnTime or Length change for it to be reflected in playback. I use it primarily to adjust grace note playback so they play before the principle rather than displacing it forward.

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