New free Acoustic Guitar and Piano Soundfonts

• May 4, 2016 - 06:50

Having never been very satisfied with almost all the free Acoustic Guitar and Piano SoundFonts I decided to make my own and happily share them here:
On the site you can also hear some examples of midi files being played with theses SoundFonts.
I hope you enjoy.


I found this little piano on "4shared" from somebody who sampled it from his Yamaha arranger. It sounds quite good for the size, but it would nice if there was a version of it with a little less sustain. The way it is now, it is impossible to use it in a little fast rhythmical way.

John, if you pass by here again, you are the master at that !…

ps: of course, the task is also open to anybody on the forum who is familiar and interested in soundfont editing.

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