Piano Bass Stave converts to Treble Stave when Measures are Deleted.

• May 1, 2016 - 19:16
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S4 - Minor
by design

In trying to fix a previous reported bug (but which I was unable to find in the bug reports), where the piano bass notes had been erroneously entered onto a piano Treble Clef, I went into Edit Instruments, and added a new Piano Bass Clef. Then I copied the bass notes, where they had been entered onto the superfluous Treble Clef, and pasted them onto the new Bass Cleff. Then I deleted the duplicate Treble Clef.

This appeared to have worked, fine, ever since. But when I recently created a test file by deleting measures at the beginning of the score, the piano Bass Clef was converted to a Treble Clef, and the notes again dropped way down.

Does anyone know what to edit in the uncompressed file, so that this can be permanently fixed?

Steps to see the Treble Clef magically convert to a Bass Clef:

Open the test file: Piano Bass Line Dropping Down and Converting to Treble Clef_20160501_01_44U.mscz

Left click the first rest at the top of the score, and the first rest at at the bottom of the score, to select the first measure of the entire score. All notational elements in the first measure will be selected, highlighted, and surrounded by a blue box.

Using the keyboard, press the buttons. The first measure from the top of the score to the bottom, will be deleted. The undesired response is that the piano bass clef will convert to a treble clef, and the notes will correspondingly drop way down.

Comments: It must be Magic!


Any staves added to the piano instrument after the second will default to treble clef, so if you ever tried adding a third staff to a piano instrument, that would explain why it defaults to treble. You can see that this staff is set to default to treble by pressing "I" to display the instrument list.

You need to add a staff as the *second* staff (eg, select the top staff before pressing "Add Staff") to get it to default to bass. Adding it as a third staff and then deleting the second staff isn't the same thing - the default clef for a staff is not supposed to be affected by anything you do to other staves.

Assuming that is what happened, we can close this as "by design". If not, we'd need precise steps to reproduce the problem - that is, to get a score into this state. But FWIW, when I say precise steps, it doesn't need to be as wrody as the above. You can just say "select the first measure", you don't need to tell us about the bue rectangle etc :-)

In your particular case, to return this score to "normal" status, simply add you add a new staff below the *first* staff, so that it defaults to bass. You can then copy the current bottom staff to that staff, and then delete your current bottom staff.

Ok, well, maybe the report that I just posted will list some steps that will put it into the error state. In future postings, I'll try not to limit the steps and results descriptions.

Status (old) needs info by design

Based in what you posted in #109336: MuseScore allows illegal 'Edit Instruments' Add Piano Stave Operation to be performed in Score Setup, corrupting underlying file, it seems very likely that you did in fact do pretty much exactly what I guessed - the order in which you added/removed staves resulted in two treble staves being left, by design. To get two staves with a treble and bass as the default clefs, either add the instrument and don't mess with it, or be careful when adding the staves to add the one you intend to default to bass clef as the *second* staff of the instrument.

Adding a new set of piano staves, then copy/pasting from the first set to the new set, seems to have been a workable solution. Thank you for the detailed information.