ctrl-home doesn't scroll the score, ctrl-end only if there are several pages

• May 1, 2016 - 14:20
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ctrl-home selects the first note, ctrl-end the last one.
If you have several pages and come from the middle of the score, ctrl-end will scroll the score to put the last note (the one just selected) in view (=> this is more than scrolling to the top of the last page, it really puts the bottom of the last page in view).
The bugs are:
-For one page score, ctrl-end doesn't scroll at all (if the last note wasn't in view it stays so)
-For several pages scores and single page as well, ctrl-home never scrolls


'With "visible" you mean "in view", right'

Yes, indeed, sorry for the possible confusion

EDIT: I have replaced the term "visible" by "in view"

After discussion with Marc (see topic Home and End are on boat)

Ctrl-Home must scroll to put the top left of the first page in view and not alter the current selection
Ctrl-End must scroll to put the bottom right of the last page in view and not alter the current selection

Shift+Ctrl+Home/End should extend the selection as they do today, but also scroll as decribed herebefore.

On 2.0.3/Win 10:

Ctrl + Home selects the first clef on the top staff of the first system.
Ctrl + End selects the final barline.

The screen does not scroll from its current position in either case.

On Win 7, CTL+HOME selects top clef at beginning of first system.
CTL+END selects the last note or rest in the bottom staff of the last measure (not the final barline itself). Not sure if this difference is due to the OS, or the version of MuseScore (2.0.1) I'm running.

The screen view changes as described by the OP, i.e: from beginning or middle of score, the view jumps to show last note/rest on CTL+END; but on CTL+HOME the view does not change.