Accent staccatos and marcato staccatos: Need playback property

• Apr 30, 2016 - 12:03
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S5 - Suggestion

Is it possible to incorporate the remaining staccato symbols (i.e. 2 Accent staccatos and 2 marcato staccatos) in the master palette into the Advanced "Articulations & Ornaments" palette, and give them staccato playback?


This is about the symbols "articAccentStaccatoAbove", "articAccentStaccatoBelow", "articMarcatoStaccatoAbove", and "articMarcatoStaccatoBelow", right?

Yes, these are the ones I mentioned in 'code speak' or rather their SMuFL names.

I guess these are not available in Emmentaler or Gonville, just in Bravura (but haven't checked yet), so basically the same issue as #108616: Add Tick Mark to Breath Marks in palette and #108206: Add Neutral-Sharp and Neutral-Flat to accidentals palette, we'd need them added to These Fonts, or have a fallback mechanism in place for Musical Symbols the same way as we do have it in place for Musical Text Symbols (where it falls back to Bravura, the reference font for SMuFL).

Also these need a lot of special cases added though the code, not sure this is really worth the effort, esp. as it is possible already to use the combination of accent + staccato resp. marcato + staccato (just not with double click)?

The corresponding glyphs are still missing in Emmentaler and Gonville, they'd either need to get added there, or we need a proper fallback to Bravura

Available accents in SMuFL (and Bravura) but not (yet) in the PR: StaccatissimoWedge, StaccatissimoStroke, TenutoAccent, Stress, Unstress, LaissezVibrer, MarcatoTenuto

What kind of playback do you have in mind. As it is a marcato note is shortened which is not strictly correct (at least a string player does marcato mostly with a bow attack at the beginning of the note), especially not if the marcato is on the first note of a slurred series of notes where the slur ought not to be interrupted. This is by no means a rare case as far as I have seen.

So I am skeptical about introducing too many playback nuances especially with rather rarely used markings that are hardly meant the same way by every composer who uses them.

If we want those nuances one would have to have a way to individually define the amount of shortening to be applied in every case (as a property to adjust in the inspector for example). This way they could be defined the way a composer wants them or at least the way we guess the composer wants/wanted them.

This is not by any means very important to me though.

AccentStaccato and MarcatoStaccato have been requestued here to have staccato playback.

StaccatissimoWedge, StaccatissimoStroke should most probably have staccatissimo playback.

Not sure about TenutoAccent, Stress, Unstress, LaissezVibrer, MarcatoTenuto, existing playback methods are sforzato, staccato, tenuto, staccatissmo, marcato and portato, can we map them and how?

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit b417f7de92

fix #109136, fix #33201: add some articulations

stringHarmonics and a few fermatas as well as getting these and the ones
from dafb5f3 and ab354df translated. Also getting some of the previously
added articulations to play back properly and import from ove as well as
export to XML (import is missing)