Symbols attached to rests not propagated to parts

• Apr 29, 2016 - 15:19
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Simplified test case tested on the nightly build a65f06b
OS: linux mint 17.3 64 bit

Problem: I anchor music symbols (mensuration notation symbols from the Bravura collection) to invisible rests within a vocal score. When I set up separate parts the anchored music symbols are not reflected in the separate part. If I attempt to circumvent the problem by copying the measure from the full score to the separate parts the symbols do show up in the separate part, but vanish from he full score.

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As far as I can tell, the issue only affects symbols attached to rests that exist in the score before the parts are created. If the symbols are added afterwards, all is well. Or, if the symbol is actually attached to the segment rather than to the rest itself, all is well (which is to say, drag and drop normally works, but clicking the rest then double clicking the symbol does not, becausde the attachment is different).

Anyhow, workaround seems to be to delete the symbol from the score then re-add it.

You're right that symbols attached to rests do get propagated if I add the rests after having created the parts. But there are still problems

- the rests don't have the visible property unchecked in the parts
- vertical and horizontal positioning tweaks performed in the full score are not reflected in the parts

Please see for the real engraving case causing this bug report

It's deliberate that changes to the visiblity or other manual adjustments made after parts are generated don't get propagated - that way you can have markings that appear in the score but not parts or vice versa, or that are adjusted differently (the nature of the adjustment required often differs between score and parts). But anything such adjustments made *before* parts are generated will be propagated.

So, create the rests and hide them first, before generating parts, then generate the parts, then add the symbols - that shoudl work as expected for now (until the bug is fixed).

Test with 2.0.3 AppImage release 3c7a69d

I drop the separate parts. In one of the staffs I flush the incipit measure, recreate invisible rests and set up a part for that staff. Now the invisible rests are reflected in the separate part. Next I associate mensuration symbols (semibreves) with the rest and alter their vertical positions. Now the symbols are reflected in the separate parts, but their vertical positions remain unchanged.

Title Symbols attached to invisible rests not propagetd to parts Symbols attached to invisible rests not propagated to parts
Title Symbols attached to invisible rests not propagated to parts Symbols attached to rests not propagated to parts

Right, as I said above, this is by design. Manual adjustments made *after* parts are generated deliberately are local to the score or part, because very often you *need* separate adjustments in each due to the different layouts of each. Thus, you can make the manual adjustment separately for the scfore and paert. Manual adjustments made *before* parts are generated to get carried over though, so simply add and position the symbol first, before generating parts, to save yourself the work of making the same adjustment twice for the speciifc case where it just so happens the same adjustment will work for both.

BTW, it isn't just invisible rests where symbols don't get propagated when parts are first generated - it's *all* rests. So I've updated the title accordingly.

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I don't see symbols in current master version. I do see the symbols in the main score and don't see them in parts, indeed in 2.3.1. Should be addressed in 3.0.