Some suggestions to make the interface easier

• Feb 26, 2009 - 20:12

1. Since I have to reload everytime I use the sequencer, it would be very convenient to have a reload button on the main control panel, as well as buried in the file menu.

2. Since I use a different font, I have found that for best results, rather than enter chord names from the keyboard I go to ctl K to enter the chord names, but I have better looking results by right clicking on the chord name box and entering everything from the "Harmony Properties" window. A small but common problem is that the Chord name list (A, B, C etc.) starts on C when the alphabet starts on A. This is a general usage problem since most people start with the C major scale, small but annoying.

3. Also in the "Harmony Properties" window, I feel that it is unnecessary to hide so many common extensions in the "other" box. There seems to me to be ample real estate to lay eveything out without adding another click and then scrolling to find the appropriate symbol. There seems to be so much unused real estate, with things spaced out so far apart and all that room at the top. . Perhaps I just don't understand the lay-out limitations.

4. It would be convenient if, when a window was opened (for example, when building a new piece and one is aked for the time signature) if the present default setting was already selected so that one only needed to start typing rather than erasing what is already there.

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