notes misbehaving

• Apr 27, 2016 - 15:06

MUSESCORE WHEN I try to Change NOTE PITCH with arrow buttons IT MOVES around slightly up / down or L/ R but not on the mark ..ending up with the wrong target - . it doesn't always behave itself in that way - could you tell me how that is ?


select note (single click): up/down changes pitch, left/right moves to previous/next note/rest
put note into edit mode (double click): up/down and left/right just move the position

So I guess you accidentially used a double click?

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hello - unsure of that - I'll check it - just sometimes ( not always) the note will move up slightly without changing pitch - so if I playback the note , its the wrong note - no big deal , just wonderng of its a glitch- or it will at times move a bit to the left or right of the stem
thx anyway ...

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Yes, this is a sure sign you accidentally double clicked instead of single clicked. Double clicking places the note into Edit mode, which you can tell because the status bar at the bottom of the screen will say so. And in that mode, the cursor keys move the notehead just as you are describing. If you accidentally do this again, simply press Esc to exit Edit mode then Ctrl+Z to undo whatever change you inadvertently made (or Ctrl+R to reset to default).

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