Random rests making extra-long measures

• Apr 27, 2016 - 02:45

Hello Musescore forums,
I recently downloaded a fairly complex piano piece containing large amounts of triplets. There is a bug in the score, where it randomly adds in an extra eighth rest, making the measure 4 and a half beats long. Sometimes, the rest is grayed out slightly, but other times it is the normal black color. Please help me figure out why some measures are slightly longer! Thanks in advance.


It would be preferable that the score was attached here.
Right-click on the 'defective' measures -> Bar properties: what shows the Actual Bar Duration?
Is there a Voice 2?

BTW, greying out is how MuseScore shows elements that the creator of the score chose to make invisible for some reason. They show as greyed out on screen so that you can still select them and edit them, but they won't print. If you wish to see an on-screen preview of how it will look printed, simply uncheck the "Show Invisible" option in the View menu.

Most likely the measure was deliberately made longer (view Measure Properties) to fit in some sort of special ornament, and the extra rests then made invisible so it would still look correct when printed. So, probably not a bug, but instead somethign the creator of the score did on purpose. But it's certainly possible there is a bug as well - either in the version of MsueScore that person was using when he created the score, or in the version of MuseScore you are using now. As mentioned, we could say better if you posted the score in question.

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