Bend Tool: Apply bend note-to-note and other improvements

• Apr 26, 2016 - 11:40
S5 - Suggestion

Apart from the bug-fixes documented at Bend tool: notation and layout problems (and see forum thread Request for bend symbol features ).

1. Apply button: Currently missing.

2. Note-by-note application: AFAIK, in practice, bends always extend from one note in a score to the next note. But currently, the bend tool applies bends on a space-by-space basis which can make it tricky to use.

My request is to change this so that each grey segment in the bend-tool window refers, instead, to a note-to-note section of the bend, rather than a space unit (sp.). So, a bend which is 2 segments long (in the bend tool) will extend for 2 notes in the score; a 3-segment bend will extend for 3 notes in the score and so on.

(Space units should be an alternative option for those who want it, and to ensure back compatibility.)

3. Optional Prebends: Currently if the first point of the bend (in the bend tool) is greater than zero, the program adds a prebend. However, this should be optional. If unticked, an initial value greater than zero would allow the user to start with a down-bend instead.


4. Allow user to control the height (tallness) of the bend. Currently, bends created at the top of the staff are shortest while bends at the bottom of the staff are tallest:

bend height.png

Make all bends the same height. Allow the user to adjust the default height in Style>General. In addition, the height of individual bends should be adjustable.

5. Allow user the choice of bend shape: (1) "Rectangular" – the current option or (2) "Radial" – a smoother, more circular curve.

Bends also should only modify the note it is being applied to, instead of the whole chord. And the exported MIDI should have the bending articulations as well.