Finalizing a drum notation!

• Apr 25, 2016 - 18:43


I know that I have seen how this was done in Sibelius about 10 years ago when I helped a friend with a composition.

Its about deliver note sheets to my fellow musicians that are not extremely or unnecessary long.

My question is displayed in the attached image but its all about compressing the parts in the sheet that are similar, and in this case especially the drum sheet. I've made it dead simple and only noted 8:ths with a ride where the drum player are meant to just play a basic swing rhythm. So everywhere in the sheet that its do not show a syncope, punctuation or end hit I guess its better to compress the basics.

But how?

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Your choice - either use the measure repeat symbol from the Repeats palette, or else Edit / Tools / Fill With Slashes. Both are common approaches to this problem.

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