Difference bar lines for different parts

• Apr 24, 2016 - 18:07

I am creating a simple Voice and Piano score. In the lead-in there is vamp where the piano repeats, however the voice has no notes. The vocal staff uses double bars and the piano uses repeats.

Example score with same format:

I searched both forum and book, as well as tried different key combinations, but if I put a new barline on any staff it replaces it across all staves. I looked at the element properties to reset the look, when it is a repeat it does not allow selection a double bar, and vice-versa.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



This was just a careless error in the original edition, I think. There is no reason not to use repeats on all staves here, in fact, it's wrong not to (the person following the voice part won't realize the other part repeated!)

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The scores I am looking at are from the early 1900's and this usage was apparently pretty common, particularly in the voice and piano combo parts. I am referencing classic ragtime era song books which included both the piano and vocal parts in the same song book. I could show you nearly a dozen examples in PDF's, using this style so I don't think it was a careless error. Not a critical issue, just trying to see if I could replicate the original look.

BTW, really appreciate your book. It has been very helpful.


Hi all,
I'm having a minor problem inputting a note. I want to add a whole note exactly as it is on the left side of the picture (without a bar). But in MuseScore, all I can do is like it's on the right side of the picture. Please help me :)

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I also have a similar bar-line question.

I have a piece with a Fine at the end of a phrase. The first time, you pass through to the next measure. Second time around, stop. But the final measure is played differently the second time.
1st/2nd ending would be confusing because there’s no repeat. I set up the last measure as an Ossia, so the final ending is a cutaway above the staff.
How do I make the original and ossia have different bar lines? Ordinary barline in the main part, final in the Ossia (Fine)?

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