Keep selected score section from instantly moving off offscreen when starting Playback Panel Loop play

• Apr 24, 2016 - 18:05

I've noticed, to my chagrin, that whenever I set the playback start and stop parameters (vertical lines), that, depending on where the start play vertical line is positioned on the screen, starting playback will cause the start vertical line to jump toward the right side of the screen, moving the score with it, and causing the section of score that I am interested in viewing to move off the screen.

When playback gets near the edge of the screen, the score is automatically and instantly scrolled back to the left, making the rest of the score that was selected for playback visible, but causing me, the user, to have to shift my eyes and look for where playback is occurring, and then refocus. Not only this, but frequently the part of the score that is being played when the score is shifted back left will then end up being behind the play panel or mixer, and not visible, at all.

It seems like there should be be a reason for having the selected score suddenly shift to the right when playback is started, but I can't think of one. For me, after scrolling the score to set it up so that the passage of interest will be entirely visible to begin with, shifting it back off screen when playback begins is never helpful.

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