File will not open without error

• Apr 24, 2016 - 17:28

File actually opens fine if the error is ignored.

Saves OK and exports to PNG OK.

This does not affect me in real time because I can work around it.

How can one change the instruments in mid score? At the moment, I have to adjust the score manually in paint to remove the empty lines after export.

I see the error - the last measure is in conflict in the score. When I added the instruments, their score part did not respect the definition of the last measure in the vocal part.



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What can I do about measure 18? I tried adjusting the size to match but it was locked on measure properties. When I added the instruments, the add function did not respect the length of the last bar. It looks like a boundary problem in the code to me.

Thanks for the pointer though - you and I probably both noticed the problem at the same time!

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I spoke too soon

when I add to the score to correct the vocal measure, it changes (adds 1 to) all the measures in the score. So correction did not work that way. Selecting the other three measures then autoselects the vocal measure also and the measure properties spinner is locked so I cannot repair this problem - it remains a bug.

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