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• Apr 24, 2016 - 08:05

I read notes from 2013 where Marc Sabatella wrote that the option to change text styles for "Instrument names" from the standard font style into for example "Jazz font" or any other style couldn't be done because of limitations in the software.

So, is this possible 2016 or is it still a limitation?

This is what comes up when "right click" on the "instrument name in the sheet and chose "Staff properties"

Bass Guitar B. Guit.

Would it really be that hard to change these lines in the elemantary script to include a wider range of font styles?



Well, it's not thast it *couldn't* be done in 2013, just that the change wouldn't necessarily affect existing text right away - you needed to take extra steps. But that was 2013, and this is 2016, so indeed, in scores created today with the current version of MuseScore (2.0 or later), you can simply change the text style and it changes all text using that style. So, right click the staff name, choose "Text Style", change the font there, and it will automatically apply to all staff names in that score - both existing texts and ones not yet created.

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You might be right there, all my greetings to a great answer, as usual!

P.S. You and I had a communication a couple of years ago when I was pretty new to Musescore which I believe is an excellent tool and friend in my efforts to be a better composer and to orchestrate the arrangements in a mature way.

As I remember I asked for a scenario where even the notes and notations where displayed as a handwritten jazz font! Your answer "then" was that you didn't see the advantage of such a scenario and that you compared to me had a long experience of reading and playing sheet music.

Well, I am glad to see that things had changed over time and that you guys have worked hard to make it possible to change font styles at least for text etc. Here comes an updated question about the this issue!

Do Musescore team have any plans to include font changes even for notes and notations future alternatives such as the one in attachment and link below!

Regards, Jack

P.S. I may be wrong, maybe this is already possible, then hit me with a dead cod as many times you feel like! Anyway, here is the explanation of what kind of notation software it could be used in.

(The Jazz and Swing Fonts are a collection of fonts for use with computer notation software, such as Finale from MakeMusic, Inc. and Sibelius from Avid Technologies, Inc., and is designed to look like hand-written manuscript. It's a great alternative to music fonts that look too "computerized".)

It had to be nice to see even Musescore there as one alternative notation software. Could the possibly have missed Musescore it might be a good moment to remind them as a marketing move?

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Part 2!

Now all text elements seem to have taken affect from the change of font style! But the notes doesn't seem to have any options for changing the font for them! Can you take a look at the attached image and explain how this will be done?


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This thread showed a lot of nice examples and if its up to me the handwritten fonts looks nice!

Who say that one handwritten font sheets must look exactly the same? The thing with handwritten styled sheets must be that non is similar to another!

However I didn't understand if any of these examples were made in Musescore?

As I understood Marc Sabatella just mentioned in the end of this thread that Musescore will be able at some future point to integrate handwritten fonts into Musecore, but not in present time! Right?

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The problem with the fonts you mention is that they are older and don't adhere to current standards in font design (the relevant one is called SMuFL), so supporting them would require more effort than standard SMuFL fonts. And of course, if they aren't freely licensable, we can't provide them.

As mentioned, a handwritten font the adheres to the SMuFL standard is being developed and should be included in MuseScore at some point. Most likely other vendors will develop other alternatives, and if any make their work freely licensible, we can consider supporting them as well.

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