system dynamics and ornaments

• Apr 23, 2016 - 15:35

How do I enter dynamic marks etc so that they apply to all staves in the system?


Select with "ctrl" or "shift" the elements of each stave, where do you want to have a dynamic mark or ornament and double-click the symbol in the palette.

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Indeed, both will achieve the end result in terms of playback.

However, in terms of standard notation, placing dyanamics on all staves is the correct advice. Standard notation requires dynamics on each staff, since they might (and often do) differ. A dynamic on one staff is assumed (by the human musicians reading the score) to apply to that instrument only - this is a rule just like the one that says accidentals apply to that staff only, etc.

The ability to change dynamic range to "system" allows you to create non-standard effects which can occasionally be useful, but you should not do this without special reaosn to do so and an undestanding that the musicians reading the score will probably need to have this special convention explained to them. Also you'll need a plan to handle parts, if you intend to generate them.

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That is not true for duets where dynamics are applied to both staves, and you have to specify it if you want something different. And it's very effective that way.
The problem is that if I put only one dynamic for both instruments, then, even if I set it as a «system» dynamic, it won't show on the exported parts. But usually, you don't export parts for duets.

I question the default of a dynamic applying to "part".
OK, when I'm fine tuning a piece, what Marc says about individual dynamic for each part is correct, but when building a piece in the early and middle stages I really need a quick way of entering a system dynamic. It appears that I have to enter the dynamic and then inspect it and change it every time, which is tedious. If there was a "preference" that could be set that would be great.

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I question the default of a dynamic applying to "part".
No need to question that, thise really is the derfault.

You may question though whether this default is a usefull one...
But this might tuen out as a no-win situation, 50% yes, 50% no.
IMHO though is is more 80% yes, 20% no, at m,ost, so indeed a usefull and correct default.

To change this you can select more than one, or right-click one, select all similar (in staff), to change all in one go.

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You misunderstand me, sorry. If, under "preferences" there was a flag that I could set that would indicate whether the default was at part or system level, then I would be happy and so would others who fall into the 20% category on occasions. During development of a piece all my dynamics might be system level. Then at enhancement stage I fine tune the dynamics to part level.

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