Drum recording via MIDI: Different sound when in Note Input Mode

• May 17, 2011 - 18:50
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got a very weird bug. I enter drums via Midi Keyboard usually as second voice. When I am not in input mode and I am on the drum track I can hit Key B or A and they produce different drum sounds, in input mode I can press them again and everything is fine, they are recorded.
Them somehow I can sometimes reproduce a weird behaviour which is at the end always the same but can't clearly see what leads to this bug.
When I am not in Input mode B and A sound different, then I move to Input Mode and suddenly every key I press is always the same (B in my case), never mind if it was a snare or hihat before, they are all the same.
When I start deleting, re-entering, and so sometimes it gets fixed and I can again enter drums correctly.

Annoying bug on 1.0.3996 which I would describe better if I had more information


Can you try to describe the bug from scratch? Create a score with each instrument, which order ? Press N, then press which key on which keyboard etc... ?
Then which behavior you expect and which behavior you obtain ?

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I could reproduce it
Create new score. Leave everything empty, click next, select unpitched percussion, drumset 5 lines, add it. Next select C Major, next, Time sig 4/4, no pickup, 12 Bars.

Select Quarter Notes, go into Input Mode and press ABAB (Tom3, Tom2, Tom3, Tom2) to fill one measure.
Then press N to leave input mode, select first note (Tom 3), go into input mode and from now on everything I press is Tom 3.

If this is a feature of repeating or something than it appeals to me quit awkward.

Yeah, sorry for that, I think it is one octave lower and I dont know how to express it. I have a small midi keyboard where I have to switch the octaves but never the less there must be an A and B creating the Tom 3 and 2

Title Drum recording via Midi: Different sound when in Note Input Mode Drum recording via MIDI: Different sound when in Note Input Mode

Hi Seikilos

Could you check the nightly builds to see if the issue still exists?