Timbre - Attack on Notes with Different Instrumentation

• Apr 18, 2016 - 16:14

When one chooses , ( example). Violin for 1st strings , then you look in the Mixer panel , one sees Violin, Violin Pizzicato and violin Tremelo - What's with that ? - I can't seem to get rid of the 2nd two - not too inconvenient , but searching to hear the solo " sound" of that Violin , and the differences in Timbre , takes a bit of a search . Why does the other 2 Pizz and Trem. remain on the mix ? ( by the way , if I mute the 2 "extras , and hear carefully to the "solo violin" , it appears to be a tiny
bit Flat in Pitch . ) is it my ears that need tuning ? - lol

Also , I figure the "Strings " section of full orchestra , is to simulate about 8-12 violins. It has a fuller timbre , butone must be careful about the Attack on the "note Articulations" on the Pallettes. correct ?, because if you don't it can sound Slurry .

Otherwise , the site is great , usually works pretty good , and but a small inconvenience to search and change to what you want to hear best.

Brian G Strange

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