AppImage on fresh precise xfce4 crouton chroot on ARM Chromebook requires and

• Apr 18, 2016 - 07:10

I'm just noting that on an ARM Chromebook inside a fresh crouton chroot running xfce4 precise Ubuntu 12.04.05 LTS, that check-depends reports the following libs are provided by neither:

I notice that the 12.04 repos only have libdb5.1, which doesn't seem to help if installed. I built the AppImages on Debian Jessie, which won't work because Jessie is newer, but I had other reasons for building on Jessie. I think might have worked if I had built the AppImages on the prior debian version (wheezy). Anyway, I'm just making a note about this. (I had never tested arm 12.04 before). It might not even be worth trying to get ARM AppImages working on 12.04.

I don't know much about why libsystemd needs to be a dependency...

Anyway, I'm going to upgrade my Cromebook's chroot to something newer which I know works. The only reason I'm on 12.04 is because it was the default crouton install version.

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