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• Apr 18, 2016 - 05:26
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A differenza della precedente versione 2.0.2
partiture semplici sono diventate impossibili da gestire per l'eccessiva lentezza delle risposte del sistema.
L'inseguimento della partitura rimane indietro anche per piu' di due battute (c.a. 1s) e la finestra dei controlli di riproduzione non aggiorna timer e contatori (che scompaiono) ...

Nell'immagine allegata la riproduzione era gia' alla pagina successiva.

La versione precedente gestiva correttamente questa partiture ed altre anche molto piu' impegnative.

L'occupazione di cpu (anche senza alcuna apparente attività) è schizzata alle stelle in questa versione.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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Google translate:

Unlike the previous version 2.0.2 simple scores have become impossible to manage the excessive slowness of the system responses.
The pursuit of the score remains back for more two-measure equipment (about 1s) and the window of the playback controls does not update timers and counters (which disappear) ...
In the attached image reproduction it was already on the next page.
The previous version was running properly this and other scores also much more challenging.
The occupation of the cpu (even without any apparent activity) is skyrocketing in this version.

Could you disable the navigator (F12) and see if this has a positive effect on the CPU load, i.e. is it decreasing?

So, i'm sorry .... I red similar comments too late ...

Yes, with navigator disabled, come back normal response (and cpu consumption) ...
... I'm sad, the navigator was very useful for long scores...

it would be possible to think of a simplified version of the navigator?
even a scrollbar without graphics and with only the bars numbers ... or courtesies ... or the clef/key changes ... ?

thanks a lot

during the editing phase I use continuous view ... especially in complex parts .. and always during the execution ... .. only in a second time debug the layout with the page view ...

yes, I know,
I still have already so happy to have found the prowess... even though instead of the navigator bar I trained to use the slice of the playback controls ...