Piano Curly Brackets - Missing & Spanning Multiple Instrument Staves

• Apr 17, 2016 - 18:19
Reported version
S4 - Minor
by design

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium; Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00010.
HW: AMD-A4-3300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.90 GHz.
Memory: 6.00 GB
System Type: 64 bit
Model: HP Pavilion G7
MuseScore Version: Unknown, but PRIOR to 2.0.3; Revision: F51dc11.

The Curly Brackets for the piano staff went missing Les_Cloches_de_Neige -Test_PianoCurlyBracketsMissing_42M.mscz - I unfortunately have no idea what steps occurred to cause this, although at some point prior to this happening, the curly brackets span included not only the piano staff, but a violin and Cornet staff, as well Les_Cloches_de_Neige - Test_PianoCurlyBracketsSpanMultipleInstrumentStaves_37k.mscz . Again, I don't know what steps would reproduce this.

Although the creation dates for successive scores are not reliable, I can tell that the Curly Brackets were fine right up until I added violin instrument staves to the score. At that point, the curly brackets span included the violin staves. If I remember correctly, there was a bug that allowed the creation of a piano staff with two treble staves, instead of a treble and bass stave. This became known when I posted a bug report related to when piano measures were deleted, all the piano bass notes would drop way down in placement. Someone pointed out the problem, but I don't really recall the details.

I thought I had fixed the score when I cut and pasted the notes to a new and correctly created blank piano score, a long time ago. However, I noticed this morning that when I deleted piano measures to create test files, again the piano bass notes dropped way down, and the piano bass stave converted to a treble stave. Note that this is not the object of this Bug Report, but here is a test file for viewing: NOT FOUND: Les_Cloches_de_Neige - Test_PianoBassStaveConvertsToTrebleStave&NotesDropInPitch.mscz .

I include this test file, perchance all three issues are somehow related.


The third test file apparently did not upload, correctly. Here it is:

NOT FOUND: Les_Cloches_de_Neige - Test_PianoBassStaveConvertsToTrebleStave&NotesDropInPitch.mscz

Status (old) active needs info

I can confirm there are not brackets in this file, but it's hard to say at this point what might have gone wrong. If you are ever able to find steps to reproduce the problem, please follow up here.

In follow up to this report, I've not seen this bug reproduced, but I've been unable to really correct it either.

Does anyone know what to edit in the uncompressed file, to re-insert the Piano Curly Brackets around the Piano Staves?

The test file that is included here has an unrelated name, but it also shows a score with missing piano curly brackets: Piano Bass Line Dropping Down and Converting to Treble Clef_20160501_01_44U.mscz

No need to edit the uincompressed file; simply add the curly brace back normally from the Brackets palette (eg, drag it to the top staff wyou want it to apply to, double click, then drag to the bottom staff).

My guess is that at some point when editing this file, you deleted the staff the bracket was attached to, so the bracket went away. In which case, we can close this as by design.