Playback of Measure-to-Measure tie results in apparent playback of untied notes

• Apr 16, 2016 - 21:19
S4 - Minor

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium; Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00010.
HW: AMD-A4-3300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.90 GHz.
Memory: 6.00 GB
System Type: 64 bit
Model: HP Pavilion G7
MuseScore Version: 2.0.3; Revision: 3c7a69d.

Test Filename:
Les_Cloches_de Neige_42i_Debug_20160416_02a.mscz

Description of Problem:
Notes tied between measures are played back as separate, untied notes.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the test file, Les_Cloches_de Neige_42i_Debug_20160416_02a.mscz .
2. Click the play button. Result: Playback will begin at the beginning of the score. Whenever playback plays the tied notes between measures, it will sound like two separate notes being played.

None at this time.


OK, this solves it! Is there no way to differentiate a tie from a slur (on the canvas), by looking? I would suggest as a GUI change.

Status (old) needs info closed

Ties do look different than slurs - they are slightly smaller. You can see this pretty easily in your example since the context is the same - you can see the curve for the first two is deeper, reaching all the way to the pedal symbol, but the third one is clearly shallower. But also, if you click on a tie or slur, the Status bar at the bottom of the screen tells you what it is.

The status bar (View -> Status Bar) will tell if the line is a slur or a tie. Slurs and ties look almost exactly the same, except that ties are, by default, slimmer.

Is there anything specific that you suggest to change?

Well, First I want to thank everyone for all their comments. You've all help make it much easier on me to get a lot of things fixed. As for ties and slurs, I think that for the time being there are a lot of other more important things to work on. Indeed, they do look a little different, but in a piece where their are so many, it is easy to miss some while making corrections. I thought of a lot of ways they could be improved, but each method would seem to take a good bit of coding. I think that if there is ever any 'spare' time, error checking for when a user attempts to place a (continuous) slur across two notes on an instrument where it wouldn't make any sense (i.e. anything besides a string instrument?) might be a good idea. It certainly didn't work out right across measures on my keyboard test score, or on the brass I was working with, resulting in a confusing Pfffffffffffffff.... PFFF! Les_Cloches_de_Neige - Test_20160417_42o.mscz

FWIW, I agree with the idea of having warning if you try to place a slur where a tie is "clearly" what is intended. I've occasionally thought about having something like the old Microsoft Word "Mr. Clippy" to pop up in situations like this. The idea didn't generate much enthusiasm when I've brought it in the past. Might be worth another forum post though - lots of new users in the past year sincew the release of 2.0.