values of tied notes not pasting correctly.

• Feb 22, 2009 - 12:47

Rev 1354 or MS 9.4 on Windows XP. It appears that any time I copy and paste a section of music that contains two tied notes, on playback the tied notes of the pasted section are extended and sustain longer than they should, clashing with the notes that follow. Listen to Msrs. 30 and 31 in the example.
Also, I noticed that when the pallet is opened and then closed using the X on the top left, it still shows as checked under the Display menu. To bring up the pallet again, you must either select it from the menu or press F9 twice.
Hope I'm not being to picky.

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first, Msrs 30 and 31 should be compared to Msrs. 26 and 27 for contrast.
Second, the Pallet is closed using the X on the top RIGHT. haha....

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I recently uninstalled musescore and installed the latest pre-release--rev 1598. I'm still having the same problem with ties as evidenced by the attached score. Description is written in the score. Also, the pallet is still behaving the same way--ie. when closed with the x in the menu bar, it must also be unchecked in the Display menu before it can be brought back up. Or F9 must be pressed twice. It just seems that there is a disconnect where clicking the X doesn't update the display menu item.

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