Rev 2.0.3 - Bugs Galore

• Apr 15, 2016 - 02:16
S4 - Minor

Stable? Maybe. But since installing the Rev 2.0.3 update... so many weird bugs... this should be renamed "Bugs Galore." I don't know if they were here all along, or if they are part of this wonderful revision, but I've never seen this many bugs crop up, and all over the place, in one day. And now, since changing the score order, the tempo for the project I've been working on for the last 4 months seems to be permanently corrupted. But, of course, it could have been related to a cut and paste, or something similar that was done earlier. Somebody please save us from this latest revision with an an uninstall package!


If you have a specific bug to report, with sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, please open a new report with a title that describes the bug. If you find a second bug, please open a second bug report, also with sample score, precise steps to reproduce the problem, and descriptive title. And so on for any other bugs you find.

In general, 2.0.3 should have many *fewer* bugs than the previous release - literally hundreds fixed. It's certainly possibly a few new ones managed to crop up, but it's also possible whatever problem you are seeing was present in older version as well and you just never happened to run into it. It's also possible you simply did something incorrectly. Without a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem, we simply cannot say.

Yes, this was posted to the wrong category, but I didn't see a better one. However, I still don't see anything about how to roll back the revision. I don't think most of the bugs that I've been seeing are old bugs. I'm seeing problems with basic stuff, like cut and paste that works find with most notes, but no longer works at all with certain notes, to name just one example.

I don't argue that there aren't still old existing bugs - in fact I'm going to post some issues related to them - but it would be nice for people who do not want to unwittingly be guinea pig Beta testers to be able to uninstall the revision, or reinstall the old version.

The way things are going, it is a good way for users to lose trust in the programmers who appear to have did not done simple simple unit testing on their code. This revision is full of glaringly obvious bugs, and it should not have been released.

Please, if you are seeing a bug, report it with proper details. Simply saying there are "glaringly obvious bugs" in no way helps. All actual evidence we have indicates 2.0.3 is *far* more stable than 2.0.2 - if it wasn't, we wouldn't have released it. If you have some reason to believe otherwise, please, be specific so we can investigate, but so far, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest anyone is better off reverting to 2.0.2 with and having to live with the hundreds of bugs that are fixed in 2.0.3

In particuar, copy and paste works flawlessly for me, and none of the thousands of other users of 2.0.3 have reported a single problem with it, so whatever problem you are seeing can't be *that* "grlatingly obvious". We can't do anything about any problem you are seeing until you post the score you are having trouble with and steps to reproduce.