Dots under notes, tremolo style, and bracket over notes

• Apr 14, 2016 - 10:34

I have three questions about a score I'm trying to recreate in MuseScore.

1. In the first attached image, we see a measure with a series of dots under each note. Sometimes four, and sometimes two. What is the purpose of these, and how can I add them in MS?

(EDIT: from this page , it seems these are staccato dots. If I have a one-note tremolo like this, and make it staccato, a) is there a way to make more than one dot appear, and b) should MS automatically do this for one-note tremolos?)

2. We see tremolo marks on all the notes, and on the eighth notes the marks are horizontal with the beam. Is this possible to do in MS?

3. In the second attached image, we see a horizontal bracket over two consecutive notes. What's the purpose of this, and how can I achieve this in MS?

Thanks in advance!

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If you absolutely want horizontal "tremolo" bars and two dots, it's do-able but takes a lot of effort.

Create sixteenth note, sixteenth rest, sixteenth note etc. and beam them using "Semiquaver sub". Make the rests invisible. Add four eighth notes in the second Voice and make them invisible. Then add a staccato dot to each note and fiddle about with the Horizontal offsets of the sixteenth notes, their stems and the staccato dots. Also, make the dots all "Down" and "Below Chord".

As for the bracket, there is not enough context in that image to be certain but I suspect it means something else such as a rapid alternate playing of A then D with force (ie a two-note tremolo on a keyboard rather than a string tremolo where the pitches are closer together).

As to making that bracket, pretend that it IS a triplet but hide the middle note or rest and hide the number.

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Thanks to all of you for your help, I've been able to make progress.

Regarding the duplet brackets, I've been able to accomplish that for the two quarter notes, but in the next measure there's a bracket over an eighth note, followed by a quarter note, and I can't figure out how to accomplish this in MS.

Image and score file attached.

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Bit long-winded, but...
Take a bracket from the Lines palette. Place it "on" the quaver then [Shift]arrow to move its end anchor point then fine-tune with [Ctrl]arrow and arrow key(s) on own. Then right-click on the bracket, select Line Properties and make the Hook values positive 1.20. Now use Inspector to move the bracket up above the stave, For non-horizontal brackets, check the "Allow diagonal" box in Inspector.

There is a simple solution to do that. Select master palette, scroll down to symbols, select tremolos and you can find the 2, 3 and 4 dots options there. I needed 4 dots over a half note tremolo. See attachment.

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