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• Apr 14, 2016 - 01:55

Reporting a bug. See pictures below. Things appear/disappear depending on the view. Those elements were deleted (I hope) because they don't print.
I'm using latest release on El Capitan. That's all I can help for now.
Thank you.

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In order to help, we would need you to post the actual score, not just a picture of it. Most likely, am element was added to one measure on the score but then dragged to apar is it t alogned with a different measure, and then when the layout changed, that manual adjust,ent was no longer correct. The lesson here is to always attach elements to the actual positions you want them in, as opped to draggng them to appear to be algned with a different ,measure than the one they are actually attached to.

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The lesson to learn is that without proper information the only thing we can do is guess. And I'm pretty sure Marc's guess is right here, but indeed to verify, we'd need to see the real score, or a real score that shows the problematic behavoir (you could replace all notes by slashes via the tools submenu, to not reveal the melodie for example).

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To be clear: yes, I understand the report. But wthout the score, we cannot investigate. As I said, the msot likely explanation is that something has been been moved out of position - very possibly onto another page entirely, perhaps, which is known to cause problems. You can probably fix it by doing a Ctrl+A to select all and then hitting Ctrl+R to reset positions. This will reset *everything*, which might not be what you want if there are other manual adjustments that you want to keep, but you can then look over your score and figure out where the symbol is - that will tell you the actual measure it is attached to. Then you can do Ctrl+Z to undo the Ctrl+R, then go to the measure that has the errant symbol, and now select just that measure and do the Ctrl+R. This will reset positions only within that measure, which will let you then delete the errant symbol.

Again, without the aqctual score, we can only *guess* that this is the problem.

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Then you are pointing to several other issues.
1) Things should not get out of place. (This especially happened with the last release) for no reason.
2) The reset everything option is a workaround, it does not address the issue.
3) Even if things get out of place, they should be selectable.
4) The main issue about items randomly appearing and disappearing from the screen was not addressed. It does not matter why it happens, but something should be on screen or not at all, not sometimes.

If you can guess what the problem is, there is work to be done somewhere, This thread is becoming a chat room with people repeating the same thing many times; it is not professional.

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Haha. Thank you Isaac. I have been developing software for twenty years. I know what a good bug report is, but of course you don't knot that. I am just being amazed at the answers here and the management of information (or lack of).
BTW, this is a topic for something like "how to submit a bug report" but I'm pretty sure there is a dedicated page somewhere here.

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If it is what I am guesisng it is, then it is a known bug, and I gave you the workaround. For more information on this particular bug, see #10290: Objects shouldn't leave the page. Like any bug, it's one we hope to fix at some point. So your observations are mostly accurate, except for #1: "things should not get out of place". Things *don't* get out of palce on their own - this normally happens only as a direct result of inappropriate manual adjustments on the users' part. Again, without more information, we can only *guess*, but the most logical explanation is that it got out of place because *you* moved it. For instance, consider the folowing situation:

- you attach a symbol to measure 5, which happens to be the first measure of the second system
- you then drag it three inches to the right, making it *appear* to be below measure 6, even though it is actually attached to measure 5
- you then change something in the layout so that measure 5 is now the *last* measure of the *first* system, rather than the *first* measure of the *second* system
- the symbol that you dragged three inches to the right of measure 5 is *still* three inches to the right, except that now places it completely off the page

My guess is that something like this is what hapened. And yes, we should handle it better. But the point is, there is nothing we can actually do to that will be "right". No matter where we decided to place that symbol, it will be wrong. You *asked* for it to be placed three measures to the right of measure 5; it's not MuseScore's fault that no longer makes any sense at all. We could choose to move it only one inch to the right, we could choose to reset it to the default position, we could delete it, but none of these are going to be what you originally wanted - for the symbol to appear below measure 6 - because you simply made an incorrect adjustment.

Again, without seeing the score, we simply cannot do better than guess. If you want solid, definite answers, we need to see the actual score - there is no other way. Your mechanic can't normally diagnose a problem with your car from just a picture of it, either.

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