Mode between move accord or noteheads.

• Apr 12, 2016 - 07:29
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

It would be very helpful if a mode between the moving Noteheads and chords with the keyboard could be chosen, with a default.


In Inspector you have different settings for Element (e.g. the selected notehead) and Chord, including the horizontal offsets for either. Is that what you mean?

Yes, this is what i mean. But i can move only the elements with the keys left-right.
Better is in my opinion a mode to switch between move the elements or the chords.
And the mode should be permanent saved as default.

If the 'chord' has only one note, the rest of it (stem, flags, dots) follow after exiting edit mode.
This does not happen though for 'real' multi note chords.

I'm not understanding what you mean. Could you be more specific about what *exactly* you are trying to do? You can already choose whether to move noteheads or chords, simply by choosing the proper field in the Inspector.

i think the default way for move notes with the keyboard should be "move the chord" and not "move the element" because i never need the "move the element" action.

Neither should be needed very often at all - the default spacing and positioning of notes and chords is correct the vast majority of the time. If you are encountering a need to move chords often, it is possible there is something you should actually be doing differently. Yu might consider posting a sample score and discussing the situation in the Support forum to see if perhaps you are doing this unnecessarily.

Anyhow, the proper way to deal with a full chord is using the Inspector. Double click by definition enters Edit mode which always applies to a single element at a time, never multiple elements.